Students can be admitted online in one of three ways:

  1. Admission by the school administrators
  2. Using the school-deployed Kiosks
  3. Using the Online Kiosk

Type of Students:

  • New Student
  • Old Student
  • Transferees



This module enrolls student applicants to allow their information to be processed for sectioning and grading. Enrolled students will be given access to a Student Portal accessed via SchoolMATE Mobile App.

Generated Report: Enrollment List

*Enrollment List includes enrolled students only.

Accounting Quickbooks Integrated

All SchoolMATE Online accounts receive access to Quickbooks Online with full system integration.  You can easily run the entire accounting system of your school in one place.

  1. Commitment Payment
  • Scheme of payment such as quarterly or monthly payments.
  1. Payment Methods
  • Categorizes payments such as cash, cheques, bank payment, etc.
  1. Tuition Fee Management
  • Mapping of Tuition and Other Fees interlinked to Quickbooks Online
  1. Other Payments
  •  Adding of Additional Fees that are not included in the Tuition and Other Fees


This allows the monitoring of student accounts to check their balances. This module is integrated with Quickbooks Online for more detailed reports on other school accounts, including expenses and liabilities.


Generated Report: Student Account List

Cashiering POS

This is an integrated module of SchoolMATE Online that simplifies the payment procedure for cashiers and allows them to conduct payment transactions more efficiently.


Generated Report: Receipts

*Can be printed directly or can be saved to PDF files for future printing

Zoom Integrated Video Conferencing

Let SchoolMATE Online be your partner even during online classes. With the power of Zoom Education your school will be powered even during online classes. 

Here are some features:

  • Host up to 100 participants
  • Increase participants up to 1,000 with Large Meetings add-on
  • Group meetings for up to 30 hours
  • Social media streaming
  • 1 GB cloud recording (per license)

Learning Management System

SchoolMATE Online offers a flexible way to deliver educational content to your students. We offer a blank LMS which gives you access to generate your branded content for your school. Share them with co-teachers so they will be able to enhance the content. Your school, your content, your brand! 


Online Payment

SMO gives you the power to collect payments from your students in a very convenient way using Bank Transfer, GCash, 7/11 CLiQQ, Cebuana, and so many more. 

Accident Insurance

SMO is the only school management system provider who gives accident Insurance to your students and teachers whether they are inside the classroom or attending online classes.

All students who are subscribe to SMO are insured for Php 100,000.00 with a  premium subscription.

School Website and School Email (

Ready to get emails for your teachers and students?

SMO gives a free website for schools with a domain name, and it includes school emails as well. All schools who subscribe to SMO will receive a free website for them to easily post their events, activities, announcements, and more! With SMO it is easy to give official school emails for your teachers and students.



Mobile App for Both iOS and Android

The SchoolMATE Online app is available for both iOS and Android users. This will give your students the power to access their lessons, grades, attendance, and school announcements anytime and anywhere they want.