This module allows students to be able to

  1. Get enlisted by administrators
  2. Get enlisted thru school-deployed Kiosks
  3. Get enlisted thru Online Kiosk


Generated Report: Student List

*Student List includes all students both applicants and enrolled students. There may be instances wherein students get enlisted but are not enrolled.


This module enrolls student applicants which allows their information to be processed for sectioning and grading. Students may now be given access to a Student Portal accessed via SchoolMATE Mobile App


Generated Report: Enrollment List

*Enrollment List includes enrolled students only.

Accounting (Basic)

This module includes

  1. Commitment Payment
  • Scheme of payment such as quarterly or monthly payments.
  1. Payment Methods
  • Categorizes payments such as cash, cheques, bank payment, etc.
  1. Tuition Fee Management
  • Mapping of Tuition and Other Fees interlinked to Quickbooks Online
  1. Other Payments
  •  Adding of Additional Fees that are not included in the Tuition and Other Fees


This allows the monitoring of student accounts to check their balances. This module is interlinked with Quickbooks Online for more detailed reports on other accounts of the school including expenses and liabilities.


Generated Report: Student Account List

Cashiering POS

This is an integrated module of SchoolMATE Online simplifies the payment procedure for cashiers to be able conduct payment transactions more efficiently.


Generated Report: Receipts

*Can be printed directly or can be saved to PDF files for future printing

Quickbooks Online

For growing institutions, Quickbooks Online generate detailed reports such as Balance Sheets, Profit and Loss Detail, Profit and Loss by % of Total Income, etc. Schools will be given access to their own Quickbooks Account that they may utilize based on their own need.


Generated Report: Quickbooks Online Reports


This module includes:

  1. Section Management
    • Creation of sections for classes
  2. Sectioning
    • Adding of students to sections
  3. Teacher Assignments
    • Assignment of Subjects to Teachers for grading purposes


Generated Report: Section List, Teacher Loads List