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Wonderful features that will make school management more organized and secured

School management has never been as easy as it was before. SchoolMATE was developed to help Academes to run school processes with ease.


Access information anytime and anywhere with our multi-platform mobile app.

Increased Campus Security

With our access control feature, only bonafide students will be able to enter school premises together with notifications of school attendance to parents.

Optimized Data

Speed is very important when you work with loading data, especially if you have a large number of users.

Data Security

Your school information are secured and backed up regularly.

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That will boost your productivity

With our wide range of features, you can create a custom system that will fit your school requirements.

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SchoolMATE Online enables all its users with constant support and wide set of tools to develop and grow their businesses and projects.some of our favorite facts that you might not have known.


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Awesome Features

We've gone over everything you could possibly want to know about SchoolMATE Online, from how exactly the system works.

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We've gone over everything you could possibly want to know about SchoolMATE Online, from how exactly the app works.Three Simple Steps to journey.



The first step to getting on your SchoolMATE Mobile is to download the SchoolMATE App. Open the Google Play, or App Store App on your smartphone.


Get Access

Enter your school ID from your school administrator to get access to your information. And enter your username and password.


Yay! Done

View your profile, your account history and payments with ease. Explore the app for more features!

About us

SchoolMATE Online

SchoolMATE Online is a fully-integrated school management system that equips institutions with improved IT infrastructure and efficient information system. It automates processes from online admission to accounting and payroll, and even asset management for a very affordable value compared to any similar commercial-based system in the Philippines


Choose Your Equipment

Build trust with prospective clients, delight existing customers, and increase th e efficiency and collaboration within your team. We have experience with plethora of technologies.

SchoolMATE Online has plans, from free to paid, that scale with your needs. Subscribe to a plan that fits the size of your business.SchoolMATE Online monthly pricing is based on how many functions you need to start your work. If you ready to use SchoolMATE Online for a long time you can choose yearly plan and save some money.



  • Two Way Entry


  • Separated Ingress / Egress
Schoolmate Customization

Need a Custom System?

We’ve developed SchoolMATE to be modular just for you. Find out how much your custom plan will cost!

About SchoolMATE

Securing students is our priority.

SchoolMATE makes it easy for school administrators to secure their students using our access control (turnstile system) that is integrated in SchoolMATE.

With our enterprise-grade SMS Notification, SchoolMATE ensures parents are worry-free knowing their child have entered and exited the school premises.


Number of Students Monitored


Notifications Sent to Parents

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Get the latest resources for downloading, installing, and updating SchoolMATE Online. Select your device platform and Use Our app.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Mobile App can be downloaded and installed on your compatible mobile device easily. If you have any questions - please look through the most frequently asked questions or contact us for more details.

All data stored in SchoolMATE Online are secured via our newest servers. Rest assured that all your personal information are properly kept and encrypted.

SchoolMATE Mobile gives you the ability to view all your personal information, school transactions, certificates, and even receive important news and announcements through push notifications. SchoolMATE Mobile will become every student's necessity.

You can download the Mobile App from the Apple Store for iOS devices or Google Play Store for Android devices. After installing, ask your school administrators for your access codes.

SchoolMATE Online is an integrated system which will function not only for the need of accessing your information but also a way of verifying certifications fiven by the school that will be used once the student graduates.

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